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Cloud Mining is the procedure of currency mining working with a digital datacenter that has access to shared funds through an online relationship. This sort of cloud computing mining makes it possible for consumers to trade monies at the contentment of of their house or place of work, rather than investing in high priced mining equipments that call for infrastructure and substantial equipment.

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    Today, it seems, everyone understands the importance of preserving the environment, but the relationship between man and nature at the beginning of the third millennium is partly seen as a battle between two largely belligerent worlds - the "world of nature" and the "world of man".
    The important Austrian biologist, Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz, describing the calamitous consequences of such a disastrous “philosophy”, wrote: “The daily life of so abounding people flows among the dead creations of mortal hands, when they have lost the ability to understand living creations and inform with creation.
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    This debt explains why humanity as a whole is so vandalistic of the common world that surrounds us and keeps us alive. Trying to restore the lost connection between people and the rest of the organisms living on our planet is a very important and very worthy task. Ultimately, the success or failure of such attempts decides the questioning - will humanity lose itself with all living beings on Earth or not? The first fundamental feature of bioenergy is that any living organisms are thermodynamically open systems that function only with a constant exchange of matter and energy with the environment. The thermodynamics of akin systems is significantly different from the traditional one.
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    The concept of equilibrium states, essential for classical thermodynamics, is replaced by the concept of immobile states of dynamic equilibrium. Open systems are capable of self-organization and self-improvement. The second max important feature of bioenergetics is related to the fact that metabolic processes in cells proceed in the absence of significant fluctuations in temperature, pressure and amount. Nature, unlike technology, could not afford high temperatures, pressure and other conditions that occur in modern subjective combustion engines and other heat engines.
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    It should be noted that electrochemical stages play an important role in the processes of energy conversion in living organisms. The all power of electrochemical processes occurring in the cells of all living organisms of the biosphere exceeds by many orders of magnitude the global scale of the technical use of electrochemical energy. A hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell (PE) is, as it were, built into a living cell. Just as in PE the chemical intensity of the fuel is converted into electrical energy, living nature also first transforms the chemical energy of macroergic compounds into electrical forms, and then, in the movement of oxidative phosphorylation, immediately conserves it into the intensity of chemical bonds.
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    PEs have before found practical application, in which hydrogen is used as a food, and oxygen is used as an oxidizing agent, and an alkali or an ion-exchange polymer serves as an electrolyte. preference attention, in our opinion, deserves systems of power plants that are intelligent of directly converting the energy of chemical bonds of organic molecules into electrical energy by means of microorganisms. Such processes make it possible to bypass the thermal stage by transforming complimentary energy immediately into electrical energy. Thus, the intensity of organic chemical compounds will be used most skillfully and the environment will not be polluted with excess heat. Such technologies will significantly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels without reducing the level of energy drinking.
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    In new years, the subject of Bio-PE has received a new powerful impetus due to the growing interest in the production of so-called "green" (or ecological) electricity, since microorganisms (including bacteria, yeast, algae, etc.). ) are able to use as electricity almost the entire range of organic substances, including various wastes. This opens up the action of simultaneously resolving both environmental and energy problems. Basic of all, this applies to wastewater. Thus, at the Department of Ecobiotechnology and Bioenergy, work is being carried out aimed at finding and using microorganisms gifted of both decomposing and detoxifying some of the most problematic indirect pollutants and, in particular, wastewater, and generating electricity. Such bacteria are capable of continuously producing heat in quantities sufficient to power small electronic devices.
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